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Which instrument is used to measure the internal diameter of a pipe with a single measurement? manometer, measuring cylinder, micrometer, vernier calipers
At a point on the surface of the Earth, the gravitational field strength is 9.8 N / kg. Which pair of values for mass and weight are correct for an object placed at this point? mass / kg 9.8 weight / N 10, mass / kg 10 weight / N 9.8, mass / kg 10 weight / N 98
Which is the correct statement about force and velocity? Force and velocity are both scalars., Force and velocity are both vectors., Force is a scalar, vel
The speed of light is 3 × 108 m/s. What is the energy equivalent of 2 kg of matter? 2 × 3 × 108 J, 2000 × 3 × 108 J, 1/ 2 X 2 X (3 X 10 8 )2 J, 2 × (3 × 10 8)2 J
What does not affect the pressure at a point beneath the surface of a liquid? area of the liquid surface, density of the liquid, depth of the point below the surface, strength o
A small table weighing 40 N stands on four legs, each having an area of 0.001 m2. What is the pressure of the table on the floor? 400 N / m2, 1000 N / m2 , 10 000 N / m2 , 40 000 N / m2
Which factors increase the rate of evaporation of a liquid? yes yes yes, yes yes No, yes No yes, No yes yes
In an experiment to find the specific heat capacity of a metal, it is found that 5200 J is needed to raise the temperature of a 2 kg block by 20 °C. What value for the specific heat capacity is given by these results? 130 J / (kg °C), 520 J / (kg °C), 52 000 J / (kg °C), 104 000 J / (kg °C)
Which statement is true for all electromagnetic waves? They are longitudinal., They can be seen., They have the same frequency in air., They travel at th
A cell is connected to a resistor. What is the e.m.f. of the cell equal to? The potential difference across the resistor for each unit of current., The power produced in the c
Which statement about the action of a transformer is correct? An e.m.f. is induced in the secondary coil when an alternating voltage is applied to the primary coi
Electrical energy is transmitted at high alternating voltages. What is not a valid reason for doing this? At high voltage, a.c. is safer than d.c., For a given power, there is a lower current with a higher
Which equation shows a nuclear fission reaction? 2/1 H + 2/1 H ? 4/2 He, 14 /7 N + neutron ? 15 /7 N, 46 /21 SC ? 46 /21 SC + gamma rays, 239 /92 U
Between 1909 and 1911, Geiger and Marsden carried out experiments in which alpha particles were fired at metal foil. Most of the alpha particles passed through the foil with small deflections,but some were deflected through a large angle. These results suggest that atoms contain clouds of electrons through which some alpha particles cannot pass., atoms contain ne