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A force of 20 N pushes an object of mass 5.0 kg along a rough horizontal surface where the frictional force is 5.0 N. What is the acceleration of the object? 1.0 m / s2 , 2.0 m / s2 , 3.0 m / s2 , 4.0 m / s2
What is the reading on the vernier scale? 6.50 cm , 6.55 cm, 7.00 cm , 7.05 cm
The inertia of a body is its resistance to changes in motion. Which property is a measure of the body’s inertia? its density, its mass, the height of its sides, the size of its base
If a nut and bolt are difficult to undo, it may be easier to turn the nut by using a longer spanner. This is because the longer spanner gives a larger turning moment., a smaller turning moment., less friction., more friction
A metal wire, initially 1.000 m long, extends by 4 mm when a load of 2 N is added to it. What will the length of the wire be if a further 3 N is added, assuming it does not extend beyond its limit of proportionality? 1.060 m , 1.080 m, 1.010 m , 1.012 m
In a hydroelectric power station, water from a reservoir falls down a long pipe before entering the turbines. The turbines then turn the generator What is the overall energy conversion? electrical energy into kinetic energy, electrical energy into potential energy, kinetic energy int
Which statement about fission or fusion is correct? During fission, hydrogen converts into helium and releases energy., During fission, uranium convert
The input power to a motor is 300 W. In 20 s it lifts a load of 400 N through a height of 6.0 m. What is the efficiency of the motor? 0.12, 0.25, 0.4, 0.75
Some of the more energetic molecules in a liquid leave the surface, leaving the rest of the liquid slightly cooler. What is the name given to this process? boiling, condensation, evaporation, freezing
A substance consists of particles that are close together and moving past each other at random. The average speed of the particles is gradually increasing. What best describes the substance? a gas being heated, a liquid being heated, a solid being heated, a solid being melted
Which thermometer is the best for measuring rapidly-changing temperatures? a clinical thermometer, a liquid-in-glass thermometer, a thermocouple, all thermometers are equall
Density changes are responsible for which method of thermal energy transfer? conduction only, convection only, radiation only, conduction, convection and radiation
Which wave is part of the electromagnetic spectrum? 330 longitudinal, 330 transverse, 3 × 10 ^ 8 longitudinal, 3 × 10 ^ 8 transverse
An electrical quantity is defined as ‘the energy converted by a source in driving a unit chargeround a complete circuit.’ What is this quantity called? current, electromotive force, potential difference, power
How much energy is converted in a resistor of 5.0 ? carrying a current of 2.0 A for 10 seconds ? 4.0 J, 25 J, 100 J, 200 J
Why is a transformer used to connect a generator in a power station to a long distance transmission line? to decrease the voltage and decrease the current, to decrease the voltage and increase the current,
A detector is used to measure the count-rate near a radioactive source. The reading is 4000 counts per minute. After 30 minutes the count-rate has fallen to 500 counts per minute. What is the half-life of the radioactive source? You may ignore the effects of background radiation. 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes
Which conclusion can be drawn from the Geiger-Marsden alpha-particle scattering experiment? A positive charge is spread throughout the atom., Electrons are arranged in orbits., Electrons are