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Which of the following correctly lists one scalar and one vector quantity? scalar quantity displacement vector quantity work, scalar quantity energy vector qu
A student drops a table-tennis ball in air. What happens to the velocity and to the acceleration of the ball during the first few seconds after release? velocity decreases acceleration decreases, velocity decreases acceleration increases, veloc
A car is brought to rest in 5 s from a speed of 10 m / s. What is the average deceleration of the car? 0.5 m / s2, 2 m / s2 , 15 m / s2, 50 m / s2
A student does an experiment to estimate the density of an irregularly-shaped stone. Which items of equipment are needed? a balance and a measuring cylinder containing water, a balance and a ruler, a ruler and a measuring
Four students exercise in a gym. Which student does the most work? exercise time / s 50 power developed / W 250, exercise time / s 100 power developed / W
Which formula gives the efficiency of an energy conversion? efficiency = total energy input - useful energy output, efficiency = useful energy output × total e
A liquid is heated. Which statement is incorrect? The molecules expand., The molecules gain energy., The molecules move further apart., The molecule
What describes the molecular structure of a liquid? close together stationary very strong, close together random fairly strong, far apa
What is the definition of heat capacity? the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of an object through 1 °C, the quantity of he
Fillings in teeth should be made from a material which expands more than the tooth when heated., expands by the same amount as the tooth when heated., exp
What happens to light as it passes from glass into air? Its frequency decreases because its speed decreases., Its frequency increases because its speed incr
Which type of wave is used to send telephone signals to and from a satellite? infra-red waves, light waves, microwaves, sound waves
Which factors will both increase the resistance of a wire in a circuit? size of wire longer temperature of wire lower, size of wire shorter temperature of wire
In a d.c. motor, the coil is wound on a soft iron cylinder. Why is soft iron used? to increase the strength of the magnetic field, to increase the weight of the coil, to insulate th
Which statement is true for all three types of radioactive emission (alpha-particles, beta-particles and gamma-rays)? They are completely absorbed by a thin aluminium sheet., They are deflected by electric fields., The