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Four test-tubes containing egg white are incubated for ten minutes at 35 °C. Different substances are then added to the four test-tubes. In which test-tube is the egg white first digested? 1 cm3 lipase solution and three drops of sodium hydroxide solution, 1 cm3 protease solution and thre
Bread contains dietary fibre, fat, protein and starch. Which substance contributes least to the energy obtained by a person eating the bread? dietary fibre, fat, protein, starch
What are the functions of the xylem? ? Function for xylem X Not a Function for xylem ? carrying sugars ? carrying water X carrying mineral ions X giving support ?, carry
A vein has a wider lumen than an artery. What is the advantage of this? bringing blood into close contact with the tissues, offering less resistance to blood flow, preven
When yeast cells respire anaerobically, which substance is used and which substances are produced? substance used alcohol substances produced carbon dioxide and water, substance used alcohol
A person walks from a warm room into a cold one. Which of these reactions occurs first? cold receptors in the skin are stimulated, cooler blood reaches the brain, deep arterioles in the sk
What is an effect of insulin? decreased cell respiration, decreased absorption of glucose by cells, increased excretion of gluco
Which substance is produced during cheese production and what is the effect of this substance on milk proteins? substance produced acid effect on milk proteins solidifies, substance produced alcohol e
The table shows some structures found in four different cells. Which cell is from a fungus? Key ? = present X = absent cell wall ? cell membrane ? nuclear membrane ? chloroplasts ?, cell wall
The change of nitrite ion (NO -2) to nitrate ion (NO-3) takes place by the action of bacteria in root nodules of leguminous plants., denitrifying bacteria., nitrifying bacteria., nitr
Which method will not help to control the transmission of malaria? draining areas of open water, ensuring that sewage does not contaminate water, sleeping under a mo
Which term is used to describe both of these processes? Process 1 In some towns, empty glass bottles are melted down. The new glass is used to make new bottles. Process 2 Bacteria in the soil break down protein in dead animals and plants. The nitrates released by the bacteria are used by plants. conservation, decomposition, pollution, recycling
The table shows some features of cell division. Which line correctly describes the division of a cell by mitosis? halved 2 no no, halved 4 yes no, stays the same 2 yes yes, stays the
When a fetus is in the uterus, what carries oxygen away from the placenta? the amniotic fluid, the amniotic sac, the lining of the uterus, the umbilical cord
Down’s syndrome and sickle cell anaemia are both genetic diseases. How are they caused? Down’s syndrome chromosomal mutation sickle cell anaemia chromosomal mutation , Down’s syndr
A couple have three children. The table shows some of the children’s characteristics. child 1 sex male blood group B sickle-cell / normal sickle-cell , child
If the pink flowered plants were self-pollinated and allowed to develop, which percentage of redflowered plants would be expected in the second generation? 0.25, 0.6, 0.75, 1