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Which instrument is most easily used to measure the internal diameter of a pipe? manometer, measuring cylinder, micrometer, vernier calipers
Which statement about scalars and vectors is correct? A scalar has direction but no size., A scalar has size but no direction., A vector has direction bu
A measuring cylinder contains 118 cm3 of water. When a small object is fully immersed in the water, the reading goes up to 132 cm3. The object has a mass of 42 g. What is the density of the object? 14 / 42 g / cm3, 42 / 14 g / cm3, 42 / 118 g / cm3, 132 / 42 g / cm3
Which process in the Sun produces energy? burning, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, radiation
A crane lifts a load of 1000 N through a vertical height of 3.0 m in 10 s. The input power to the crane is 500 J / s. What is the efficiency of the crane? 0.17, 0.5, 0.6, 0.67
What makes a liquid-in-glass thermometer sensitive to a small change of temperature? a bulb with a thin glass wall, a shiny liquid in its bore, a stem with a thick glass wall, a very
A substance that is originally a solid is heated strongly for some time. At one stage, the energy given to the substance is used as latent heat of vaporisation. At this stage, what change does the energy cause? It breaks the bonds holding the molecules together. Molecules escape from the liquid., It breaks th
What happens when a metal bar is heated? The distance between the molecules increases, making the bar longer., The molecules get larger, mak
A fixed mass of gas at constant temperature is compressed to reduce its volume. How do the molecules of gas now strike the walls of the container? less often than before with a higher velocity, less often than before with the same velocity, more
Which characteristics describe an image formed by a plane mirror? real and inverted, virtual and upright, real and larger than the object, virtual and smaller than
When white light is dispersed by a prism, compared with blue light, the red light is slowed down less and refracted less., slowed down less and refracted more., slowed down more and r
An ultrasonic tape-measure is used to find the distance to a wall. It sends out an ultrasonic pulse and times how long it takes for the reflected pulse to return from the wall. The ultrasound has a frequency, a wavelength and a speed.Which pair of values is needed to find the distance to the wall? frequency and wavelength, frequency and time taken for the pulse to return, speed and time taken fo
A negatively-charged balloon is brought towards a wall. Which statement explains what happens? Negative charges on the balloon attract the negative charges in the wall., Negative charges on the
One volt can also be written as one coulomb per ampere., one coulomb per joule., one joule per ampere., one joule per coulomb.
A student has a chain of 20 lamps. These are wired in series and connected to the mains. One lamp blows and all the others go out. The student wants to find the faulty lamp and replace it. Where should the student begin? anywhere, because the current was the same in each lamp, at the live end of the chain, because the c
An electric iron is marked 240 V, 2500 W. Four fuses are available with values of 5 A, 10 A, 13 A and 30 A. Which fuse should be used? 10 Ampher, 5 Amper, 13 A, 30 A
Why is electrical energy usually transmitted at high voltage? As little energy as possible is wasted in the transmission cables., The current in the transmission
The count-rate from a radioactive source falls from 400 to 50 in 3.0 minutes. What is the half-life? 0.75 minutes, 1.0 minutes, 2.7 minutes, 8.0 minutes
What are the numbers of neutrons, protons and electrons in a neutral atom of 235 / 92 U number of neutrons 92 number of protons 143 number of electrons 143, number of neutrons 92 nu