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The option shows the recommended daily intake of energy and of iron for females at four different ages: 6 months, 5 years, 25 years and 75 years. Which shows the recommended daily intake for the 25 year old? energy / MJ 2.7 iron / mg 4.7, energy / MJ 6.5 iron / mg 6.1 , en
Which of these processes require energy from respiration? Key ?= energy required X = energy not required diffusion ? osmosis ?, diffusion ? osmosis X, diffusion X
In which regions of the alimentary canal does amylase act? mouth cavity and pancreas, mouth cavity and ileum, stomach and pancreas, stomach and ileum
Which substances are transported in xylem and in phloem? xylem amino acids and mineral ions phloem amino acids and water , xylem m
Which signs show that a plant has been grown in a culture solution deficient in magnesium? purple leaves and poor root growth, small leaves and thin stem, white upper leaves and normal lowe
Which structures are all involved in controlling human body temperature? blood vessels near the skin surface, the cerebellum and sweat glands, blood vessels near the skin s
What do the cilia do in the bronchi of the lungs? Key ? = function of the cilia X = not a function of the cilia trap bacteria ? move mucus out of the lungs ?, trap bacteria ?
Fitness training increases the concentration of lactic acid that runners can build up in their muscles before pain stops them running. What is a consequence of this increase? Aerobic respiration in muscles can be more rapid., Blood flow to the muscles is increased., More a
Which is not controlled directly by the nervous system? blood glucose concentration, dilation of the blood vessels, heart rate, pupil diameter in the eye
A germinating seed is soaked in blue dye, which becomes colourless in tissues that are actively respiring. What will be the appearance of the cotyledons, plumule and radicle? cotyledons blue plumule blue radicle blue, cotyledons blue plumule blue radicl
Which statement about human blood groups is correct? A person with the blood group A cannot have an IO allele., A person with the blood group B may have
Which statement about chromosomes is correct? Chromosomes are long DNA molecules called genes which are divided into sections., Chromosomes includ
Bacteria can be genetically modified to produce human insulin. What is a possible danger of this procedure? Bacterial insulin is less effective in treating diabetes than animal insulin., The genetically modi
After sexual intercourse, sperm can survive for 3 days in the uterus and oviducts. Ovulation can occur any time from day 13 to day 15 and an egg cell can live for 2 days after ovulation. How long is the longest possible fertile phase of the menstrual cycle? 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days
Which cannot be an example of excretion? Carbon dioxide is breathed out from the lungs., Undigested food leaves the body through the anus.,
Why is it important to control the amount of nitrate fertiliser used on farm land? Nitrate causes acid rain which kills trees and fish., Nitrate decreases the fertility of the soil.,
What would be an undesirable feature in an insecticide? It becomes more concentrated at each stage in the food web., It breaks down within a few months.,
Which bacteria convert urea to ammonia? decay bacteria, denitrifying bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria
During the production of yoghurt and cheese, the pH of the mixture changes. What causes this change in pH? breakdown of lactose sugar, coagulation of milk proteins, production of ethanol, uptake of oxygen
Which control measure would not help to prevent the spread of malaria? boiling drinking water, covering windows with netting, draining swamps, spraying insecticides ont