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Which pair of quantities includes one scalar and one vector? mass time, temperature time, temperature velocity, velocity weight
A steel ball is released just below the surface of thick oil in a cylinder. During the first few centimetres of travel, what is the acceleration of the ball? constant and equal to 10 m / s2, constant but less than 10 m / s2, decreasing, increasing
A hard stone hits the ground and comes to rest almost immediately. As the stone hits the ground, what is the direction and the size of the force acting on the ground? downwards and equal to the weight of the stone, downwards and larger than the weight of the stone,
A car of mass 1500 kg is towing a trailer of mass 1100 kg along a level road. The acceleration of the car is 1.30 m / s2.Ignoring friction and air resistance, what is the driving force on the car? 1430 N , 1950 N, 2000 N, 3380 N
A block of metal is taken from the Earth to the Moon. Which property of the block changes? density, mass, volume, weight
A gas is enclosed in a container of fixed volume. It gains heat energy from an external source.What happens to the molecules of the gas? They expand., They move faster inside the container., They move further apart., They vibrate with g
A rod of metal is heated at one end. Which statement best describes the conduction of heat through the metal? Atoms move from the hot end and hit electrons at the cold end., Atoms vibrate and hit atoms at the
Many gas appliances such as ovens and heaters use a small flame to ignite the main burner.To make sure that the small flame is burning, a temperature-measuring device is inserted into the flame.What is the most suitable device to use? a clinical thermometer, a mercury manometer, a thermocouple thermometer, a water manometer
The speed of radio waves is c. A radio station transmits waves with a wavelength ?. What is the frequency of the transmission? C /?, ? / C, 1 /?, C?
Light is incident on one face of a glass block at an angle of incidence of 40°. The glass block is in air.The refractive index of the glass is 1.46.What is the angle of refraction inside the glass block? 26 °, 27 °, 58 °, 70 °
Below are four statements about the uses of electromagnetic radiation.Gamma rays are used in medical treatment.Infra-red waves are used in sunbeds.Microwaves are used in satellite television.X-rays are used in intruder alarms.How many of these statements are correct 1, 2, 3, 4
A polythene rod is rubbed with a duster. The duster then attracts small pieces of paper.Are the rod and the duster charged or uncharged? charged charged, charged not charged, not charged charged, not charged not charged
A lamp connected to a 12 V supply converts energy at a rate of 36 W.How much energy will be converted in 10 s? 30 J, 36 J, 120 J, 360 J
What causes the fuse to blow in a mains electrical circuit? a person touches the live wire, a person touches the neutral wire, the live wire touches the earth
A simple d.c. motor consists of a coil that rotates between the poles of a permanent magnet. The turning effect is increased by winding the coil on a metal cylinder.Which metals are used to make the magnet and the cylinder? magnet iron cylinder copper, magnet iron cylinder steel, magnet steel cylinder cop
Why is a transformer used to connect a generator in a power station to a long-distance transmission line? to decrease the voltage and decrease the current, to decrease the voltage and increase the current,
Which electrical component is used to store charge? capacitor, relay, resistor, thermistor
The radioactive isotope radium-226 may be shown as 226 / 88 Ra How many protons does an atom of radium contain? 44, 88, 138, 226
When dealing with radioactive materials there are possible dangers. Which statement is correct Beta-particles can pass through skin and damage body cells., Materials that emit only alpha-particl
An isotope X is radioactive and has a half-life of 4 years. A sample initially contains 8000 atoms of X.After how many years will the sample contain 1000 atoms of X? 4, 8, 12, 16