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what is the most suitable way of investigating the different food colourings in some drinks ? Crystallisation, Filtration, Fraction distillation, Paper chromatography
A research notices that atoms of an elment X are releasing energy why does this happen ? The atoms are affected by light, The atom are radioactive, The atom react with argon in the air, Th
An atom of element X is represent by 7/3 X . Which statement about an atom of X is correct ? it is in group III of the Periodic Table, it is in group VII of the Periodic Table, The total number
In which pair of substance does each have a giant molecular structure ? Diamond,iodine, diamond , methane, Methane , silica (sand), diamond , silica (sand)
In which substance in each carbon atom covalently bonded to only three other atom ? Carbon dioxide, Diamond, Graphite, Methane
How many electron are shared in the covalent bonding of a methane molecule ? 2, 4, 6, 8
The table gives information about ability of four substance to conduct electricity : w does not conduct under any conditions, X conduct only in aqueous solution, Y conduct when molte
What is the mass of magnesium which completely react with 250 cm3 of 1.0 mol/dm3 sulphric acid ? 6 g, 12 g, 48 g, 96 g
A volume of ethane C2H6, at r.t.p has mass of 20 g : 20 g, 21 g, 28 g, 42 g
which of the following when added to water makes a solution that is a good conductor of electricty ? Calcium carbonate, Copper, Ethanol, Sodium hydroxide
The formation of hydrogen iodide from hydrogen and iodine is an endothermic reaction H -H + I -I ? H - I + H - I what may be deduced from this information ? The number of bond broken is greater then the number of bond formed , The formation of H -I bond ab
When acidified potassium mangnate (VII) is reduced which colour change occurs ? From colourless to purple, From green to orange, From orange to green, From purple to colourless
The pH of an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid is 2 .what will be the pH of the acid after the addition of 10 g of sodium chloride ? 1, 2, 7, 9
An acid X was added to a solution of the nitrate of metal Y.A dense white precipate was formed what are X and Y ? Hydrochloric ,Calcium, Nitric ,zinc, Sulphuric ,Aluminium, Sulphuric , Barium
Aluminium sulphate is used in water treatment .Aqueous aluminium sulphate is acidic table show the result of test on four different samples treated water to which had an excess of aluminium sulphate been added ? 3 white precipate, 3 noreaction, 7 reaction, 11 white precipate
Which statement about the alkali metal is true ? they form covalent bond with Group Vii element, They form oxides on reacting with water, Their melti
What statement is not a reason for the importance of recycling aluminium ? Aluminium is a rare metal in the Earths crust, The demend for aluminium continioues to rise annually
Three type of steel have different properties steel 1 easily shaped steel 2 brittle steel 3 resistant to corrosion what are the names of these three type of steel ? High carbon , Mild , Stainless, High carbon ,stainless ,mild, Mild,high carbon,stainless, mild ,stai
The metals iron,lead and zinc can each be manufactured by the reduction of the oxides with coke what is the correct order of the ease of reduction of the metal oxuides ? iron,lead,zinc, iron,zinc,lead, Lead,iron,zinc, zinc,iron,lead
Why is brass harder then pure copper ? The zinc atom from strong covalent bond with copper atoms, The zinc atoms prevent layers of copper a
Which of the following method would not produce ammonia ? heating concentrated aqueous ammonia, Heating ammonium chloride with calcium hydroxide, heating ammo
Aqueous copper(II)sulphate is electrolysed using carbon electrodes what happens to the electrolyte ? it become more acidic, It become more alkaline, It turns deeper blue, It remains unchanged
The water in a lake showed sign of eutrophication what could be cause of its ? increasing the amount of dissolved fertiliser, increaseing the amount of dissloved oxygen, decreasei
Methane,sulphuric dioxide and carbon dioxide are gases which affect the atmosphere and the what way do these gases affect the environment ? depletion of the ozone layer ,acid rain, global warming, Global warming,photochemical smong,acid rai
The macromoleculaes of proteins fats and carbohydrates can all be broken down into their simple unit by similar process.what is the process called ? esterification, hydrolysis, oxidation, reduction
Butane and methylpropane are isomers whixh formula is different for the two isomers ? Empirical formula, General formula, molecular formula, Structural formula
What is the general formula of the homogous series of carboxylic acid ? Methanoic acid HCO2H ethanoic acid CH3CO2H Propanoic acid C2H5CO2H butanoic acid C3H7CO2H CHO, CnH2nO2, CnHnOn, CnH2nO2