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A human cheek cell and a spongy mesophyll cell from a leaf are examined under a microscope. Which structures are seen in both cells? B cell wall, cell membrane and nucleus, C cytoplasm, cell wall and cell membrane, D nucleus, cytopla
Which process needs energy from respiration? movement of carbon dioxide into the alveoli, movement of oxygen into red blood cells, uptake of gl
The mass of a cube of fresh potato is found. It is then placed in a test-tube containing a dilute solution of sucrose. After an hour, its mass has increased. Which process has occurred and what has happened to the concentration of the sucrose in the solution in the test-tube? process active sucrose concentration transport decreased , process Active transpo
Which blood vessel carries absorbed food material from the small intestine to the liver? coronary artery, B hepatic portal vein, C pulmonary artery, D renal vein
What are the products of anaerobic respiration in humans and in yeast? humans ethanol yeast lactic acid, humans ethanol and carbon dioxide yeast lactic acid
What helps heat retention in the human body? actively secreting sweat glands, fat in and under the skin, relaxed hair erector muscles, dilated
Foods can be made by treating milk in different ways. 1 Bacteria are added. 2 The milk is acidified. 3 The milk proteins are coagulated. Which processes occur in both cheese and yoghurt production? 1, 2 and 3 , 1 and 2 only , 1 and 3 only , 2 and 3 only
Why is a producer so called? It produces carbohydrates., It produces carbon dioxide., It produces energy., It produces oxygen.
Which part of the central nervous system controls the body’s water balance? cerebellum, cerebrum, hypothalamus, medulla
What is a major effect of nicotine in tobacco smoke? It causes lung cancer., It destroys cilia in the trachea., It increases mucus production in the tr
A recessive homozygote is crossed with a heterozygote of the same gene. What will be the phenotypes of the F1 generation? all dominant, 75 % dominant 25 % recessive, 50 % dominant 50 % recessive, 25 % dominant 50 % heter
Which process is used to produce insulin commercially? extracting glycogen from the liver to stimulate production of insulin, extracting insulin from the
What is a major advantage of feeding breast milk rather than milk made up from milk powder to a baby? It contains a higher percentage of calcium for growth of the baby’s bones., It contains all the car
On which date is a woman most likely to ovulate if the first day of menstrual loss was 1 February? A 5 Feb, B 14 February, C 28 February, D 1 March
Two heterozygotes are crossed. Some of the offspring show the recessive characteristic. What is the probability that one of these offspring that shows the recessive characteristic is homozygous? 0, 0.25, 0.5, 1