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What must change when a body is accelerating? the force acting on the body, the mass of the body, the speed of the body, the velocity of the bod
A car driver takes a total of two hours to make a journey of 75 km. She has a coffee break of half an hour and spends a quarter of an hour stationary in a traffic jam.At what average speed must she travel during the rest of the time if she wants to complete the journey in the two hours? 38 km / h, 50 km / h, 60 km / h, 75 km / h
In a laboratory on Earth, balances show that an object has a mass of 2 kg and a weight of 20 N. The same balances and object are then taken to the Moon, where the gravitational field strength is less than on the Earth. less less, less same, same less, same same
When a block of wood of mass 2 kg is pushed along the horizontal flat surface of a bench, the friction force measured is 4 N. When the block is pushed along the same bench with a force of 10 N, it moves with a constan speed of 3m/ s., speed of 5m/ s., acceleration of 3m/ s2., acceleration of 5m/ s2.
When two forces are combined, the size of the resultant depends on the angle between the two forces.Which of the following can not be the magnitude of the resultant when forces of magnitude 3N and 4 N are combined? 1 N, 3 N, 7 N, 8 N
A man weighs 600 N. He runs up stairs of total height 4 metres in 3 seconds. How much power is exerted by the man? 450 W , 800 W , 2400 W , 7200W
Which of the following does not affect the pressure beneath the surface of a liquid? area of the liquid surface, density of the liquid, depth of the liquid, strength of the gravitati
A liquid evaporates rapidly. Why does it cool? Air molecules remove heat by contact with the liquid surface., Energy is lost by convection currents
When ice melts to become water, which force must be overcome? the attraction between electrons and the nucleus, the attraction between the atoms in a molecule,
A student is given a thermometer that reads 1 °C in pure melting ice and 101 °C in pure boiling water. She uses it to measure the temperature of some water before and after it is heated.The increase in temperature of the water calculated from her results is 1 °C too low., correct., 1 °C too high., 2 °C too high.
Which line in the table correctly shows examples of transverse and longitudinal waves? transverse gamma-rays longitudinal sound, transverse infra-red longitudinal water waves, tr
Radio waves, visible light and X-rays are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. What is the correct order of increasing wavelength? shortest ----------- ? longest radio waves visible light X-rays, radio waves X-rays visible light, X-rays radio w
Four processes are used to charge an isolated metal sphere. P The sphere is earthed by touching it. Q The earth connection is removed from the sphere. R A charged rod is brought close to the sphere. S The charged rod is removed.In which order should these processes be carried out to charge the P Q R S, P R S Q, R P Q S, R S P Q
In an a.c. electric circuit in a house, the switch for any device is always connected to the ‘live’ lead.Why is this? No current ever flows in the neutral lead of the device., The device will be shorted if the switch
A house-owner replaced a failed fuse for the lights of the house. When the lights were switched on, the new fuse also failed. The house-owner then used another fuse with a higher rating than the previous two. Why was this not a sensible thing to do? Fuses allow the circuit to work only if the rating is exactly right., The fuse has already melted b
Which statement about the action of a transformer is correct? An alternating current always flows in the secondary coil when an alternating voltage is applied to
A 24? resistor is to be connected in series with a 12 V battery. What is the power loss in the resistor? 0.5 W, 6W , 12 W, 24W
Which of the following occurs in the decay of a radioactive nucleus? The nucleus absorbs another nucleus., The nucleus absorbs at least one form of radiation., The nuc
Which particle is positively charged? alpha-particle, beta-particle, electron, neutron
Atoms P and Q are isotopes. How does the composition of neutral atom P compare with neutral atom Q? protons different neutrons different electrons different, protons different neutrons