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Which of the following defines acceleration? change in velocity /time taken, change in speed /time taken, change in distance /time taken, change
Which property of a body cannot be changed if a force is applied to it? its mass, its shape, its size, its velocity
A student who weighs 500 N climbs up a flight of stairs 10 metres high in 5 seconds. What power does she develop? 500 x 10 x 5W, 500 x 10 / 5 W , C 500 x 5 / 10 W, 5 / 500 x 10 W
A rock of mass 20 kg is travelling in space at a speed of 6m/ s. What is its kinetic energy? 60 J, 120 J, 360 J, 720 J
Assuming the temperature remains constant, which combination correctly describes the volume and the shape of a gas or liquid? gas fixed not fixed, gas not fixed not fixed , liquid fixed fixed , liquid not
A 2 kg mass of copper is heated for 40 s by a heater that produces 100 J / s. The specific heat capacity of copper is 400 J / (kg K). What is the rise in temperature? 5 K, 10 K, 20 K , 50 K
In a vacuum flask, which methods of heat transfer are prevented by the vacuum? conduction only, convection only, conduction and convection only, conduction, convection and radi
The human eye has a converging lens system that produces an image at the back of the eye. If the eye views a distant object, which type of image is produced? real, erect, same size, real, inverted, diminished, virtual, erect, diminished, virtual, inverted,
Which of the following does not produce a sound wave? a bell ringing under water, a gun fired in a room with no echoes, a hammer hitting a block of rubb
Which of the following will prove that a metal bar is a permanent magnet? it attracts another magnet, it attracts both ends of a compass needle, it conducts electricity, i
How could the unit of potential difference, the volt, also be written? A / s, C/A, C / J, J / C
A 1.0 resistor and a 2.0 resistor are connected in series across a 12 V d.c. supply.lyhat is the current in the circuit? 0.25 A, 4.0 A, 6.0 A, 12 A
The cable to an electric fan becomes so worn that the live wire makes electrical contact with the metal case. The case is earthed. The plug to the fan contains a 5 A fuse. There is a current of 4A when the fan works normally. What will happen? The current will run to earth and the fuse will not be affected., The fuse will melt and switch off
A small heater operates at 12 V, 2 A. How much energy will it use when it is run for 5 minutes? 30 J, 120 J, 1800 J, 7200 J
Which of the following has no effect on the size of the turning effect on the coil of an electric motor? the size of the current in the coil, the direction of the current in the coil, the number of turns
Why is electricity transmitted along power lines at very high voltages? to reduce the resistance of the cables, so that transformers can be used, to make sure that the cur
X, Y and Z are three types of radiation. X is almost completely absorbed by 5 cm lead but not by 5 mm aluminium.Y is almost completely absorbed by 5 mm aluminium but not by thin card.Z is absorbed by thin card.What are X, Y and Z? alpha beta gamma , beta alpha gamma , gamma alpha beta , gam
The nucleus of a nitrogen atom can be represented as 14/ 7 N. The nucleus of this atom consists of 7 protons and 7 electrons., 7 protons and 7 neutrons., 14 protons and 7 electrons., 14 protons an