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What must change when a body is accelerating? the force acting on the body, the mass of the body, the speed of the body, the velocity of the bod
A body P moves in a circle around a point S. A force F keeps it moving in the circle. What happens if the force F suddenly disappears? P moves directly towards S., P moves in a circle closer to S., P moves away from S in a curved pat
An object that has a mass of 15 kg on the Earth is taken to the Moon. The gravitational field strength on the Earth is 10 N / kg and on the Moon is 1.6 N / kg.What are the mass and the weight of the object on the Moon? mass / kg 15 weight / N 24, mass / kg 15 weight / N 150, mass / kg 24 weight /
What will not affect the rate of evaporation from the surface of a liquid? depth of the liquid, draughts above the surface of the liquid, surface area of the liquid, tempera
What makes a thermometer sensitive to small changes in temperature? a bulb with a thin glass wall, a shiny liquid in its bore, a stem with a thick glass wall, a very
Which characteristics describe an image formed in a plane mirror? real and inverted, virtual and upright, real and larger than the object, virtual and smaller than t
A student tries to magnetise a short steel rod. Which of these tests will show that he has been successful? both ends of a permanent magnet attract the rod, one end of a permanent magnet repels the rod, the
Four processes are used to charge an isolated metal sphere. P The sphere is earthed by touching it. Q The earth connection is removed from the sphere. R A charged rod is brought close to the sphere. S The charged rod is removed.In which order should these processes be carried out to charge the spher P Q R S, P R S Q, R P Q S, R S P Q
Why can birds stand on an overhead high voltage transmission line without suffering any harm? Their bodies have a very high resistance., Their feet are very good insulators., The spaces between
A combined bathroom unit of a heater and a lamp is controlled by one switch. The unit contains a 2 kW heater and a 100 W lamp. In one week, the lamp uses 1 kW h of electrical energy.How much electrical energy is used by the heater alone? 2 kW h , 4 kW h , 10 kW h, 20 kW h
An electric kettle is plugged in and switched on. The fuse in the plug blows immediately. Which single fault could cause this? The earth wire is not connected to the kettle., The live wire and neutral wire connections in the p
Why is a reed relay used in a switching circuit? to switch on a small current using a large current, to switch on a small voltage using a large volt
A nucleus is represented by 230 / 91 Z . It emits one alpha-particle and then one beta-particle. What is the resulting nucleus X? 226 / 88 X, 226 / 89 X, 226 /90 X, 230 / 89 X
A nuclide of the element plutonium is 242 / 94 Pu What is the number of neutrons in its nucleus? 94, 148, 242, 336
Which statement defines isotopes? two (or more) nuclides which have the same number of protons but different numbers of electrons, two