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Which processes can take place in a root hair cell when oxygen is not available? active transport only, diffusion only, active transport and osmosis only, diffusion and osmosis on
Protease breaks down proteins into amino acids. In the ‘lock and key’ hypothesis, what is the lock and what is the key? lock amino acid key protease , lock protease key amino acid, lock protease ke
The diagram shows some chemical reactions that occur in plants. carbon dioxide and water ? sugars ? amino acids ? proteins Which stage or stages depend on the use of nitrate ions as a raw material? 1 only, 2 only, 1 and 3 only, 2 and 3 only
Which row in the table correctly identifies the deficiency diseases caused by lack of vitamin C, calcium and iron? lack of vitamin C scurvy lack of calcium brittle bones lack of iron anaemia , lack of
Four foods were analysed for protein, fat and carbohydrate. Which food contains the most energy in a 100 g portion? protein % 20 fat % 7 carbohydrate % 1 , protein % 10 fat % 9 ca
During translocation in plants, which substance is moved and in which direction? substance water from soil root to hairs , substance water from roots to
Which substances are transported in the phloem and which in the xylem? phloem water xylem starch , phloem sugar xylem water, phloem starch xyl
Blood enters the left atrium (left auricle) of the heart through the aorta., the bicuspid valve., the posterior vena cava., the pulmonary vein.
When breathing out, which changes occur in the volume of the thorax, the rib cage and the diaphragm? volume of thorax decreases rib cage lowered diaphragm rises, volume of thorax
When a person moves from a cold room into a hot room, the following responses occur. 1 The brain co-ordinates the response. 2 The skin begins to secrete sweat. 3 Sweat evaporates from the skin surface. 4 Temperature receptors are stimulated in the skin. What is the correct sequence of events? 3 ? 4 ? 1 ? 2, 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 1, 4 ? 1 ? 2 ? 3, 1 ? 4 ? 2 ? 3
A person is sitting in a dark room. What happens in the eye when a light is switched on? circular muscle of iris contracts size of pupil decreases , circular muscle of ir
Which disease can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol? bronchitis, cirrhosis, emphysema, lung cancer
A patient with a sore throat went to the doctor. The doctor examined the patient and then prescribed an antibiotic as treatment. What was the cause of the sore throat? bacteria, tobacco smoke, viruses, yeasts
Two species of bacteria work together and make yoghurt. What do they produce? ethanol ? lactic acid ? protease ?, ethanol x lactic acid ?
Which situation does not involve the cycling of the factor named? carbon dioxide between plants, animals and the atmosphere, energy along a food web of producers and
What are the roles of the mosquito and the malarial parasite in the spread of malaria? mosquito vector malarial parasite pathogen , mosquito pathogen malarial
Male and female sea urchins release their sperm and eggs into the water where fertilisation takes place. How can their reproduction be described? asexual reproduction which results in genetically dissimilar offspring, asexual reproduction which
A plant P is pollinated. A seed from this plant develops into plant Q. The cells of plant Q contain 14 chromosomes. How many of these chromosomes are identical to chromosomes from plant P? if P was self pollinated 7 if P was cross pollinated 7, if P was self pollinated 7 i
A pregnant woman is told by a genetic counsellor that her baby has equal chances of being blood group A or blood group AB. What are possible genotypes of the woman and her husband? AA and BO, AB and BO, AO and BB, AB and AO
Which statement about the genotypes of organisms is correct? Dominant alleles are only found in homozygotes., One recessive allele always causes a recessive phe