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Vernier calipers read to one tenth of a millimetre. Which reading shows this precision? 3.3 cm, 3.31 cm , 3.310 cm, 3.312 cm
Which list contains only scalar quantities? acceleration, displacement, mass, acceleration, distance, speed, displacement, mass, velocity, dis
A tractor pulls a trailer at a constant speed. The tractor exerts a forward force of 1600 N on the trailer. What is the force exerted by the trailer on the tractor? 0 N, 1600 N backwards, 1600 N forwards, 3200 N forwards
room measures 4.0 m × 3.0 m × 2.0 m. The density of the air in the room is 1.3 kg / m3. What is the mass of air in the room? 0.054 kg , 18 kg, 24 kg , 31 kg
A man weighs 600 N. He runs up a staircase of total height 4.0 metres in 3.0 seconds. How much useful power is needed to do this? 450 W , 800 W, 2400 W , 7200 W
To calibrate a thermometer, without using another thermometer, fixed points are required. Which statement is correct? Any temperatures can be used as fixed points., Both a lower fixed point and an upper fixed point ar
A block of metal has a mass of 2.0 kg. Its specific heat capacity is 800 J / (kg °C). The block is supplied with 2400 J of energy. What is the rise in temperature? 0.17 °C , 0.67 °C , 1.5 °C , 6.0 °C
Which row describes the ease with which iron or steel can be magnetised and demagnetised? metal iron magnetised difficult demagnetised easy, metal iron magnetised easy demagne
Ohm’s law states that the current in a conductor is proportional to the potential difference across it, provided that a certain quantity remains constant. What is this quantity? length, pressure, temperature, thickness
Which costs the most if operated from the same mains supply? a 5000 W electric cooker used for 1 minute, a 1000 W electric fire used for 10 minutes, a 500 W el
Why is a transformer used to connect a generator in a power station to a long-distance transmission line? to decrease the voltage and decrease the current, to decrease the voltage and increase the current,
A radioactive isotope has a half-life of 6000 years. How much time passes before the rate of emission from a sample of this isotope falls to of its original value? 6000 years, 18 000 years, 24 000 years, 96 000 years
A nuclide of strontium is represented by the symbol 88 / 38 Sr What does the nucleus contain? 38 electrons and 50 neutrons, 38 neutrons and 38 protons, 38 neutrons and 50 protons, 38 protons a
The following statements are about motion. 1 A plane flies due East for 600 km. 2 A runner’s average speed in a race around a track is 5 m / s. 3 A snail crawls at 3 mm / s in a straight line towards a lettuce. 4 A tourist travels 500 km on a journey. Which statements describe vector quantities? 1 to 2 , 1 to 3, 2 to 3, 3 to 4
Power is measured in watts. What is the correct symbol for millions of watts? mw , mW, Mw , MW
A student measures the speed of a trolley. At one instant, the speed of the trolley is 1.0 m / s and two seconds later the speed is 4.0 m / s. What is the acceleration of the trolley? 1.5 m / s2 , 2.0 m / s2, 2.5 m / s2, 5.0 m / s2