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The symptoms of a disease include weakness, fatigue, aching and swollen joints, bruise-like spots round the hair follicles and swollen and soft gums.Which food is used to treat this disease? liver as a source of iron, milk as a source of calcium, oily fish as a source of vitamin D, orang
Which chemical test shows the presence of an enzyme in a biological washing powder? Benedict’s, biuret, ethanol emulsion, iodine solution
Vitamin C changes cholesterol into a form which is less likely to be deposited in artery walls. Which dietary advice would help prevent coronary heart disease? Eat more bread and less meat., Eat more butter and less bread., Eat more meat and less oranges.,
Which terms describe the parts of a plant? leaf organ leaf mesophyll cell leaf epidermis tissue , leaf organ leaf meso
Which adaptations of a root hair cell make it suitable for water uptake? partially permeable cell membrane absent surface area to volume ratio of the cell high , p
Nitrates in the soil can be absorbed by plants. Nitrates can also be removed from the soil by the action of bacteria in the root nodules of legumes., denitrifying bacteria in poorly aerated conditions., nit
Four identical pieces of potato are treated in two stages, as shown. Which piece of potato will be largest after 2 hours? stage 1 boiled in water for 10 minutes stage 2 placed in 10 % salt solution for 2 hou
Which sequence shows the shortest route taken by blood travelling from a leg to an arm in the human body? leg ? heart ? lungs ? heart ? arm, leg ? heart ? lungs ? kidney ? arm, leg ? kidney ? heart ? lung
What passes down a pollen tube after pollination? female nucleus, male nucleus, ovule, pollen grain
The following changes take place in an athlete’s body during a 100 m race. Which change occurs first? increased availability of oxygen to muscles, increased breathing rate, increased carbon dioxide con
What happens to the muscles of the diaphragm, the external intercostal muscles and the position of the diaphragm when breathing in? diaphragm muscles contract external intercostal muscles contract diaphragm movement do
What is a reason for breast milk being better for a baby than bottled milk? It contains antibodies for disease protection., It contains calcium ions for bone development., It
What makes the female mosquito an effective vector for malaria? It has wings., It lays many eggs., It makes a noticeable noise., It mates several times.
Which organisms are used, and what is their role, in the manufacture of cheese? organism bacteria role to lower the pH , organism fungi role to break down mil
When are antibiotics likely to be most effective? Infection is caused by a bacterium or fungus., Infection is caused by a virus., The disease is can
The inheritance of the ABO blood groups in humans is controlled by three alleles (IA, IB and IO), only two of which can be present in one individual. What are the possible blood groups of children born to a homozygous group A woman and a heterozygous group B man? A and B only, A and AB only, A, B and AB only, A, B, AB and O
The genotype for the height of an organism is written as Tt. What conclusion may be drawn? The allele for height has at least two different genes., There are at least two different alleles o
The body cells of a mammal contain two copies of 24 000 genes, making 48 000 genes in total. Of these 48 000 genes in the body cells of a mammal, how many would have been inherited from its mother? 6000, 12000, 24000, 48000
Which statement is evidence that genes may be copied and passed on to the next generation? Asexual reproduction produces genetically identical offspring., Different alleles of a gene can pro
Which bones meet at the elbow joint and what kind of movement do they allow? bones humerus and scapula movement in one plane only , bones humerus and scapula mo